Are the Red Wings Primed for a Fall From Grace?

October 10 2012 08:30AM

Photo: Kalle Reimann/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 3.0

“Now that (fill in the blank) has retired, we’ll likely see the Red Wings return to the pack”.

I think I first heard that after the Russian Five gradually left the Red Wings. Then again when Scotty Bowman retired and they lost players like Dominic Hasek, Brendan Shanahan and so on. Yet again when Yzerman retired. And the same things were being said this past summer when Lidstrom retired and they weren’t able to sign Ryan Suter.

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KHL Highlights - Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Steve Dangle
October 09 2012 09:51PM

As Kent Wilson posted yesterday, Andrey Osadchenko and I have started making highlight packs in English for the KHL youtube channel this season. Like them? We can make it a regular feature here at the Nations.


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Robin Brownlee
October 09 2012 08:11PM

At this time two years ago, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle and Magnus Paajarvi pretty much had the Edmonton Oilers marquee all to themselves. They were marketed as the future faces of the franchise.

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October 09 2012 01:59PM


What was supposed to be a party celebrating the return of "Oilers" to "ice" has now been scuttled in favour of a party celebrating a "lockout" and the continued heartbreak of hockey fans everywhere. But there are a handful of reasons to attend which we will discuss after the jump.

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October 09 2012 01:15PM

(The Nation Network plans to set out a long series of historical posts, detailing the best known players and teams from each club's era. Lowetide's profile of Mark Messier is the first step down that long road.)

Mark Messier embodied the heart, soul, skill and physical presence that made up the Boys on the Bus. He was loud and proud, youthful and exuberant, creative and skilled, filthy. Oh. And he played on winning teams. A lot.

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