October 09 2012 01:15PM

(The Nation Network plans to set out a long series of historical posts, detailing the best known players and teams from each club's era. Lowetide's profile of Mark Messier is the first step down that long road.)

Mark Messier embodied the heart, soul, skill and physical presence that made up the Boys on the Bus. He was loud and proud, youthful and exuberant, creative and skilled, filthy. Oh. And he played on winning teams. A lot.

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KHL Highlights - Monday, October 8, 2012

Kent Wilson
October 09 2012 07:27AM

Nations contributors Steve Dangle and Andrey Osadchenko have been tabbed by the KHL youtube channel to put together KHL highlight packages for the season this year. This is their debut video - if everyone likes it, we can make it a regular feature here at the Nations.


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October 08 2012 02:17PM

Nail Yakupov is a rookie in a very good league, the KHL. So when he's named rookie of the week, it's a pretty big deal, right? Nail Yakupov's first 4 games in the KHL saw him score 3 goals, a healthy clip at any level. How are we to compare Yakupov's accomplishments in the faraway league to past snipers?

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10 Points: Oklahoma, the lockout, and John Muckler

Jonathan Willis
October 08 2012 12:13PM

After the jump: thoughts on the latest moves in Oklahoma City, wondering how long the lockout will last, and getting John Muckler's views on being an NHL general manager.

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Jason Gregor
October 08 2012 09:28AM

The OKC Barons wrapped up their short two-game preseason over the weekend, and before playing those games I chatted with Nelson about how he will use his NHL-caliber players.

This is a huge opportunity for the Oilers to discover who might be capable of playing with Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins whenever the NHL returns.

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