Jason Gregor
September 27 2012 03:37PM

Last October when Edmonton city council voted 10-3 in favour of the funding model for the new arena in Edmonton I thought it was a good deal. I was surprised at how some felt the city was actually get the raw end of the deal. Some felt the city was taking all the risks, with no reward, even though that wasn't the case.

The reason I liked it was that I compared it to other deals in recent markets. I caught up with Andrew Conte, writer at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and author of Breakaway, a book about the Penguins. It focused on the behind the scenes negotiations of a new arena in Pittsburgh and how gambling money is essentially funding the arena.

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What Magnus Paajarvi Needs To Do More Frequently

Jonathan Willis
September 27 2012 08:21AM

I’ve recently started re-watching Oilers games from last season, partly for a new statistical project and partly because I like watching hockey games and the AHL season hasn’t started yet. Anyway, watching the Oilers’ season opener, I was struck by the play of Magnus Paajarvi.

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September 26 2012 05:09PM

They're dragging out the 1972 Series again tonight, this time G8 (they should show G1 too, perhaps give an idea about why Canada had a bad case of tightened sphincter 40 years ago today) and we're hearing concern from Canadian television execs about "content" for the coming winter. Allow me to offer a few suggestions.

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Ten Points: Yakupov, Musil, And Relocation

Jonathan Willis
September 26 2012 02:28PM

After the jump: Nail Yakupov can't play in Russia, Oilers' ownership hints that it might consider moving the team to Seattle, and Glen Sather trades for the wrong Marchant, eventually leading to one of the greatest goals in Oilers history.

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Corporate Integration

September 26 2012 11:52AM

Are the Oilers and Oil Kings on the same page?

Several years ago I started wondering if the Oilers and Oil Kings were sharing scouting information. It seemed like the logical thing to do; the Oil Kings would benefit from an NHL-quality scouting regime while the Oilers could then synchronize their draft selections such that some prospects might then play within a subsidiary branch of the parent club.

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