October 02 2011 01:32PM


As the 2011-12 NHL season draws closer and closer we are getting ready for the second season of NationRadio. There are some exciting things being planned for this year and one of the most exciting is the announcement of our title sponsor Edmonton Motors.

You think that Lowetide's demands to be paid in 17th century Russian tapestries is cheap? Certainly not - it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars per week. We need to keep the sponsors happy to keep Lowetide happy to keep all our beloved listeners happy. Its a circle of happiness sponsored by Edmonton Motors and we can't be more pleased to be working with our newest partner.

This is NationRadio.

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Confessions of an Oiler Fan

October 02 2011 08:22AM

My name is Lowetide and I haven't thought about the Oilers trading for a defenseman in five minutes. (polite applause)

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Jason Gregor
October 01 2011 10:57PM

Steve Tambellini announced on After Hours on CBC that Ladislav Smid has a separated A/C joint, but didn't say how long he'll be out.

The Oilers blueline wasn't that strong to begin with, and Smid's injury will put even more pressure on the backend.

You have to think the Oilers will be claiming a D-man on waivers sometime this week.



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Jason Gregor
October 01 2011 03:42PM

Preseason victories don't mean much, but last night's victory over Minnesota had to be one of the most empty victories the organziation has ever had. Taylor Fedun's season is over, and his career possibly in jeapordy, after a horrific collision fractured his femur. It is hard to fathom why the NHL didn't institute hybrid icing this off-season, because Fedun's injury was the exact reason why many wanted the rule tweaked.

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Blue On Blue

October 01 2011 06:27AM

A young man's playing career is in jeopardy, the injuries keep piling up and the Edmonton Oilers aren't even at the starting gate. Is the story of the season being written before launch?

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