Jason Gregor
October 01 2012 10:18AM

Jordan Eberle played 20 AHL games over two seasons with Springfield, and he racked up nine goals and 23 points. Since then he's played two NHL seasons, including an excellent 76-point campaign in 2011/2012. Will he think the AHL is beneath him?

Not a chance. I caught up to Eberle before he left for Oklahoma City and got his thoughts on the AHL, Justin Schultz, the Riders and even "Hall N' Ebs."

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The Best of the Nation – 9.30.12

Jonathan Willis
September 30 2012 10:42AM

Photo: davidgsteadman/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 2.0

Looking at a Roberto Luongo trade, the advantages for an NHL team that operates it's own junior club, the craziness that awaits any NHL'er heading to Sweden for the lockout, Dan Cloutier's return to the NHL, and more after the jump.

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September 30 2012 09:57AM

The Oklahoma City Barons start rolling today, as coach Todd Nelson welcomes the most talented group in the club's short history to the AHL. Let's start with the introductions.

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Jason Gregor
September 29 2012 08:22AM

In order for a movie to be considered great it needs to appeal to different generations. I’ve watched a few movies that I loved when I was 20, but today I don’t relate to them as much. A great movie, however, will be timeless and whenever you sit down and watch it will capture your imagination.

One of my father’s favourite movies was the 1967 classic, The Dirty Dozen. The star-studded cast included Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Donald Sutherland, Telly Savales, Charles Bronson, star runningback Jim Brown and John Cassavetes who earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor as Viktor Franko.

Today marks the 12th anniversary of my father’s passing, clearly the reason The Dirty Dozen popped into my head, and each year as this day draws closer memories of Dad flood my brain. My wife, Traci, had never seen the movie so we watched it last night. The Dirty Dozen is still great, however, my mind wandered through most of it thinking about Dad.

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September 29 2012 08:08AM

Daryl Katz got it right today, and I believe Edmonton Oiler fans will be very pleased with his latest action.

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