Nation Radio - July 21, 2012

July 22 2012 10:46AM

The on-going Shea Weber drama is making the deep summer a bit more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Will the Flyers snatch Weber away from Nashville and cripple the Predators in the the wake of possibly their most successful season ever? Will Poile and company match? If not, will the Preds GM turn to the demon drink in bitterness? Stay tuned to find out!

This week, Allan discussed the Weber issue (and much more!) with guests Tom Lynn, Harrison Mooney, Ryan PIke and Jonh Matisz.

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July 22 2012 08:19AM

Magnus Paajarvi had a solid rookie season in 10-11, but was lost in the flood last season. For Paajarvi, getting back to his 15-goal rookie pace has a lot to do with confidence and getting the bounces.

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July 21 2012 07:18AM

Old timey Oiler fans will tell you the Justin Schultz win in free agency is merely payback for a mountain of heartache. And Nashville? Folks, we know how you feel. Seriously.

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Nations State of the Union - July 20, 2012

Kent Wilson
July 20 2012 03:13PM



In Wanye's Nerd Camp update, there were some questions about the Nation's platform and some requests for some new features in comment section. With news winding down and hockey coverage entering the doldrums of August, I figured it was time for a state of the union address. Or, at least, state of the union cogent bullet point list.

Slow and Steady Builds the Platform

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Which Way to the Gym?

Jason Strudwick
July 20 2012 11:38AM



Twenty years ago players would show up at training camp looking like Gregor or Wanye. Not bad but not great. Training camp would be used by everyone to get back into playing shape and to work off the summer chub.

Those days are long gone.

The offseason is now used to get into great shape for the season. When do they start? It depends on each individual player and how far their team went in the playoffs. For this article I will look at a typical non-playoff team player's summer...

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