The Third Man

Jonathan Willis
July 31 2012 07:33AM

The Edmonton Oilers have drafted and developed just two impact goaltenders in their long history. Is Devan Dubnyk the third?

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July 30 2012 07:12PM

The truth is we don't know much about John McCarron. The Edmonton Oilers liked him, and he's a big winger who had some nice things going on later in Cornell's season. Let's see if we can cobble together something on Edmonton's latest prospect.

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The right stuff

Jason Strudwick
July 30 2012 02:18PM


The response from my article last week, 'Who do you love?' was impressive. You readers gave a lot of good and interesting feedback and opinions. There were both safe and surprising choices for who you all thought should be on the ice to protect a one goal lead.

Before I reveal who would be my choices, I want to discuss some of your feedback.

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Robin Brownlee
July 30 2012 12:10AM

When July began I complimented Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini for doing some nice work, mostly of the housekeeping variety, this off-season but suggested there was more to do. As August approaches, we're still waiting on that.

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July 29 2012 06:02PM

So it turns out that all you need to do to get what you want in life is plead, pout and complain in the most public forum you can find. Entries have poured in at the deadline and our heartfelt apologies go out to all of the entries that didn't make the final cut. We love you too, just less than the people who made it into the finals is all.

We just cannot overemphasize how much we enjoy these photoshop contests and appreciate everyone's hard work. After setting down pretty specific theme that alienated a lot of people in the comments section - we feel completely vindicated now that we have narrowed down the 26 all top quality entries into a final 8.

2012 Summer olympics be damned - this is the competition that is being watched by the World.

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