Robin Brownlee
November 28 2010 02:52PM

Jason Gregor usually hands out grades for the Edmonton Oilers at the quarter-pole of the season, but with Grey Cup upon us, he's apparently fallen into a big vat of booze down in Huddletown.

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Okla-Homa OK!

November 28 2010 08:48AM

It's been years since we've been here. A minor league team with balance, a successful won-loss record, the ability to lend bona fide players to the big club and offer a quality proving ground for the kids who represent the future. What in hell is going on around here? 

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November 27 2010 02:59PM

On any other weekend, a Saturday Night home game against the Sharks would be the hottest ticket in town. This weekend - it probably doesn't even crack the top 5 in Edmonton. It's Grey Cup week and anyone with a functioning liver and an old CFL jersey has been sloshing around Downtown Edmonton soaking up the festivities for days now.

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Tom Gilbert Inside Out

November 27 2010 03:13AM

Playing defense in the NHL during the post-lockout era is one of the toughest jobs in sports. Gone are the days of clutch and grab, subtle stickwork is now rewarded with a whistle and 2 minutes in the box and the old standby (holding the stick) is now called "holding the stick" and comes with 2 more minutes in the sinbin. An entire player type (the plodding defender with size and a terrific wingspan) was nailed to the Cory Cross when management discovered faster wheels were required in the "new NHL." What happens when a "wheels" defenseman falls on hard times? 

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Comparing 2010-11 With 2009-10

Jonathan Willis
November 26 2010 02:41PM

While the addition of some quality young players to the team has made Oilers games more watchable than last year, I’ve been curious to see how the team has a whole has improved from last season’s debacle. After all, the point of a rebuild is to slowly improve, and ideally we’d see this team making gradual steps forward.

One quarter through the season, how does this group compare with the 2009-10 Oilers?

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