The Odd Men Out: Who Are They?

Jonathan Willis
July 27 2012 09:43AM

By my count, the Edmonton Oilers have 17 forwards and eight defenseman (along with a pair of goaltenders) with a pretty decent shot at making an NHL lineup on opening night. Given that an NHL roster is only 23 men deep, who stays and who goes?

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July 26 2012 06:20PM


THREE ENTRIES FOR THE YAKUPOV PHOTOSHOP CONTEST?! What in the sweet Nuge's moustache is going on - is everyone working productively this week? We highly doubt it. Our main man Jimmeh gets it - his entry is right on point and the early leader right out of the gate.

Perhaps we can inspire people with the kind of photos we want to see but are incapable of producing in photoshop. It's not our fault really - most of our fingers were blown off in the imaginary war of 2006. 

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So how many folks actually got demoted to the AHL last season?

JP Nikota
July 26 2012 03:23PM

No, I mean besides anyone who has been traded to Columbus. Fans are often quick to dismiss a player's role on a team, and suggest that the player be sent to an AHL affiliate in order to free the NHL team of the cap hit. Fans of teams in larger markets are assuredly the biggest offenders, and it makes sense - their teams are the ones that can afford it.

I have put together a list of all the players with one-way SPC deals, a minimum of 82 games played in the NHL, and who were demoted to their club's respective AHL affiliate. I've also checked, in cases where the AHL stay is brief, to make sure that none of these players were simply on a conditioning stint.

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How Big Do Top-Six Forwards Need To Be?

Jonathan Willis
July 26 2012 01:06PM

Pavel Datsyuk, Dan4th Nicholas/Wikimedia Commons

How big should a group of top-six forwards be for a team hoping to make a playoff splash?

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Who do you love?

Jason Strudwick
July 26 2012 09:59AM

All coaches have players on their team who they trust above others. Part of that trust comes from the coaches pouring over stats. Which center wins the highest percentage of draws? Which defencemen has the least number of turnovers a game? Which forward hits the net with a shot most often?

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