September 15 2012 04:49PM

In the life and times of a hockey prospect, there are opportunities and then there are OPPORTUNITIES. For Teemu Hartikainen, this fall and winter in Oklahoma could be the springboard for an NHL career.

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A Promise to the NHL and NHLPA

Jonathan Willis
September 15 2012 01:38PM

Today is September 15, the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement between the NHL and NHLPA. Tonight, barring an 11th-hour miracle, the league will lock out its players and begin yet another in a seemingly endless cycle of work stoppages.

If that happens, I have a promise to both sides.

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Jason Gregor
September 15 2012 09:03AM

Earlier this week the never-ending arena negotiations hit a speed bump when the Katz group supposedly asked for numerous concessions. As Edmonton fans prepare for another idiotic, greedy lockout, the timing of the Katz Group's new proposal couldn't have been worse. Even the staunchest supporter of the downtown arena rolled their eyes when news of these demands became public.

Most Edmontonians, for or against the arena, want to see this come to a conclusion one way or the other. Considering it is inevitable that Edmonton will build a new facility some time in the next ten years, why not just negotiate a fair deal and move on. Of course that is logical, and the negotiations for the arena as well as a new CBA seem to lack any logical component.

I spoke with up with Mayor Stephen Mandel after the recent hearing of the new concessions and the frustration was evident in his voice. 

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September 14 2012 07:55PM


With all the hoopla surrounding the lockout on the horizon and the Economics of the arena dominating the news, the Sports Section looks more like the Business Section these days. Who doesn't love a riveting cost analysis diagram where there should be a breakdown of the Oilers training camp line up? And we would rather see an interview with Fehr and Bettman wearing rumpled suits and rumplier faces than the Nuge all sweaty and talking about skating any day.


Anywhoo, we thought we would pose a question as it relates to a conundrum for the Nation if this is how things are going to be. An entire article surrounding the economics of the Nation Network. On a Friday night with no hockey in sight. Bleak huh?

You're welcome.

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September 14 2012 06:14PM

The Edmonton Oil Kings captured the imagination of Edmontonians in the spring with an unlikely run to the WHL championship. As luck would have it, they are the only (hockey) game in town this fall and fans may come in droves to see a winning club on Rexall ice.

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