One Year Later: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Jonathan Willis
July 10 2012 08:11AM

A year ago at this time, we were debating how good Ryan Nugent-Hopkins would be. Although he was the consensus first overall pick, there were fears (some of them were mine) that he didn’t produce enough at even-strength as a junior player, and that consequently he might disappoint offensively at the NHL level.

Nugent-Hopkins didn’t fail to meet expectations. He blew expectations out of the water.

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Trades, the Edmonton Oilers, and Magnus Paajarvi

Jonathan Willis
July 09 2012 05:05PM

Paajarvi looks skyward after breaking a long goal-scoring slump

Except for days where the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs are making deals, or Pittsburgh is giving away Markus Naslund for Alex Stojanov, teams generally need to give up quality to land quality in return. With news that the Oilers are still looking to land a top-four defenseman, might Magnus Paajarvi be a piece the team considers moving? Should they be considering it?

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Robin Brownlee
July 09 2012 01:41PM

Jason Gregor, who has lost his mind and is jumping out of planes with old ladies, is talking about his obsession with sun dresses again (watching them, not wearing them) and, ahem, tennis.

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Jason Gregor
July 09 2012 12:07PM

After the nicest weekend of the year many of you woke up this morning with a bad farmer tan, a burnt face or visions of sun dresses and bikinis. Hopefully it was the latter, but as we gear up for an awesome week of patio weather we'll recap a conversation with Justin Schultz, who he should play with next season, dominant athletes and the Esks woeful offence.

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Wine and cheese or chip and dip?

Jason Strudwick
July 09 2012 10:40AM

After signing or being traded to a new team during the summer, players start making plans to move and quickly get settled into their new city before training camp opens. Just like anyone who gets transferred, moving takes quite a bit of time, and work and decisions need to be handled quickly.

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