September 03 2012 01:23PM

The Edmonton Oilers have graduated some incredible talent to the NHL in the last 2 seasons, and there's another crew ready to step right up. How many of these young men will make the grade? How many should we expect to hang around the NHL long enough to make an impression?

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Theo Peckham: What Does The Future Hold?

Jonathan Willis
September 03 2012 11:17AM

Theo Peckham was one of the pleasant surprises of 2010-11. The long-time prospect finally established himself at the NHL level after two previous cameos, and got serious minutes on a terrible team – typically as Tom Gilbert’s partner. His physical play was the headline addition, but for a rookie tossed into tough minutes, he didn’t implode either.

Theo Peckham was one of the unpleasant surprises of 2011-12. The sophomore defenceman slipped from top-four minutes to a third-pairing role, then from a third-pairing role to the press box carousel (along with Cam Barker). His play was often terrible, his number of fighting majors dropped, and injuries badly hurt his season.

The two seasons, put together, raise a question in my mind: what is Peckham’s likely NHL ceiling? Could he play top-four minutes at some point? Could he be a reliable third-pairing guy? Or is he in significant danger of losing his spot on an NHL roster?

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September 02 2012 11:57AM

During day 2 of this summer's entry draft. the Edmonton Oilers passed over some ranked local prospects to draft older prospects. Is this a trend? Is this a good idea? Will the players who were passed over be more expensive a year from now?

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Nation Radio - September 1, 2012

September 02 2012 09:38AM

Allan, in front, does the show while Kent Wilson (note the glorious mustache) and henchmen watch

It's the labour day long weekend! While most everyone was out enjoying the long weekend, drinking a beer or watching the kids run around for the last, few, short hours before school starts again, Allan Mitchell was hunched over a desk, calling people enjoying the break, and demanding they talk to him about hockey. A surprisingly large group of helpful experts not only answered the phone but also answered his questions - and here we are.

This is Nation Radio. 

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September 01 2012 07:35AM

The Edmonton Oilers have their window. The Hall-Eberle contracts mean their window of opportunity is the rest of the decade. By 2020, they'll have a 6th Stanley, be on their way to it, or the subject of many words on the internet involving snafu, tarfun and fubar. Destiny awaits.

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