NHLN Notebook: Backup goalie woes, Justin Schultz hype 2.0, and the death of alternate jerseys

Christian Pagnani
January 10 2017 07:00AM


The NHLN Notebook is a semi-regular feature of interesting hockey content from the past few days that doesn't quite deserve its own article. 

Jonas Gustavsson gets fired into outer space, Justin Schultz's stock is at an all-time high, Tampa Bay is in trouble, Adidas is getting rid of third jerseys, and Colton Sissons makes history.

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Oilers 1st quarter vs. 2nd quarter

Jason Gregor
January 09 2017 04:33PM

Half Full

The Oilers reached the halfway mark of the season sitting in third place in the Pacific Division with a record of 21-14-7. 

The Oilers were 9-6-6 during the second quarter (I use 21 games in first and second quarter and 20 in the third and fourth), after going 12-8-1 in their first 21 games. They had 25 points in their first 21 games and picked up 24 in their last 21.

They've been fairly consistent, all things considered.

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Oilers at the Midway Point

Zach Laing
January 09 2017 12:00PM

Back in November, I took a look at some things around this Oilers team that jumped out at me analytically. Now that we've played over half the games of this year's regular season I thought it would be good to highlight a few more things surrounding this team.

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Oilers assign Puljujarvi, waive Gustavsson

Zach Laing
January 09 2017 10:09AM

Following last night's loss to the Ottawa Senators, the Oilers have made some moves.

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Monday Mailbag - Is Jordan Eberle in the Plans?

January 09 2017 07:00AM

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The first week of 2017 is in the books, you've already quit your resolutions, and now you're looking for ways to kill some company time until you're allowed to go home. As always, we're back with the mailbag to help you do that. I always need you guys for this feature so email me your questions to baggedmilk@oilersnation.com or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Now sit back, relax, and pretend to look busy for as long as possible. Have a good week, everybody.

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