November 22 2015 11:16AM

eberle rob ferguson

The internet is wild and crazy with trade rumors since the Hamonic distortion was leaked earlier this week. For Oilers fans, it means rumors about significant pieces like Jordan Eberle (photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved) are being thrown around. One way for us to follow along at home is by asking pertinent questions, like: Do the Islanders need Eberle? Those answers shine a light on whether or not these ideas are reasonable.

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November 21 2015 07:49PM

davidson ferguson 14-15 nov

Developing defensemen at the NHL level is exhausting. Even when they arrive one at a time, the viewer can look forward to glaring errors, encouraging words on the bench from the coach (the coach knows, at some level, he's training this player for the next coach) and painful defensive sorties. Is it worth it? Sure. In fact, in a developing season like this one, Edmonton needs to use some their ice time on kids—that way the group will be more experienced next fall. Comes the question: How many rookies should they play every night? Arrives the answer: NOT THREE!

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German Efficiency

Matt Henderson
November 21 2015 04:36PM

Alexander Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, and Leon Draisaitl. They are all tied up at 17 points on the season, except the fact that Leon Draisaitl hasn’t wasted any time getting there.

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November 21 2015 10:05AM

The Edmonton Oilers did not pass go, did not collect $200 and did not avoid a goalie controversy altogether. An afterthought trade for a distant bell in the BCJHL fetched the orange and blue their current starter. Is there a lesson here? Yes! Don't get attached to the goalie. Ever

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GDB 20.0 Wrap Up: Devilishly Good Oilers

Cat Silverman
November 20 2015 09:49PM

Hey guys! Emergency recall goalie and game recapper Cat Silverman here again. 

The Edmonton Oilers took on the New Jersey Devils at home at Rexall on Friday night - which should have been a battle of the bad, but the Devils have been surprisingly resilient this year. They've looked even more dominant than the Arizona Coyotes (who sit third in the Pacific Division), and they came into the game boasting a 10-7-1 record. 

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