Monday Mailbag - September 28th

September 28 2015 08:00AM

Can you believe the regular season starts next week? With the pre-season in full swing it seems like the days are flying past but it's still not fast enough. I want regular season McDavid and I want him now. Despite my impatience there are no time machines on Amazon. We have to act like adults and wait. Luckily the Mailbag is here to kill some company time and get you a few minutes closer to McDavid. I always need questions so if you have something to ask you can email me at baggedmilk@oilersnation.comam or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk

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September 27 2015 06:17PM

nurse capture1

Darnell Nurse and an impressive group of prospects remain in training camp for the Edmonton Oilers, while a considerable number are now assigned to Bakersfield. Who dominated performances among prospects this week? It's a long list. 

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Why Anton Slepyshev Should Not (and Likely Will Not) Make the Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
September 27 2015 02:18PM


Anton Slepyshev has been very good in training camp. On merit, if training camp were a blank slate and all that we had to assess these players, he would probably have a job in the NHL when the Oilers wander into St. Louis on October 8.

Training camp, though, is not a blank slate, not the lone piece of information we have in assessing these players. That’s why October 8 will probably find Slepyshev in California, getting ready to play against the Grand Rapids Griffins.

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September 27 2015 10:59AM

ryan hamilton ferguson 1415

Among the Oilers cuts last night were four players who found the waiver wire this morning. NHL prospects and suspects who are trying to make the NHL as regulars only get so many training camps to show their stuff, and Brad Hunt, Tyler Pitlick, Andrew Miller and Ryan Hamilton just lost them one. How far is the gap between Tyler Pitlick and Rob Klinkhammer? 

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Eyes on the Dollar: Edmonton Oilers

Cam Lewis
September 27 2015 09:00AM

This is a 30 part series analyzing the short and long term cap situations of each team in the NHL as we head into the 2015-16 season. The stats and information that I use in these articles is courtesy of Hockey Reference, War on Ice, and NHLNumbers. 

Here the Oilers were, strolling along leisurely with their endless rebuild that was going A-OK according to their braintrust, when they were blessed with the golden ticket. Much to the dismay of the entire league, the Oilers were gifted with their fourth first overall pick in six years at the best time imaginable. Connor McDavid is now an Oiler, and in a few short months, the franchise has completely flipped around for the better. They brought in a new coach and general manager, both of whom actually have experience and a history of success at the NHL level, they signed arguably the best defenceman on the free agency market, and they traded for a goalie that should certainly be an upgrade over what they had last year. 

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