Petry signs one year deal

Jason Gregor
July 07 2014 11:18AM


Jeff Petry signed a one-year deal worth $3.075 million. He will be a UFA next season, and if the Oilers do want to sign him to an extension they can't until January, 2015.

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July 06 2014 11:54PM

draisaitl capture

The Edmonton Oilers drafted Leon Draisaitl from the Prince Albert Raiders at No. 3 overall in the 2014 draft. Draisaitl is the fifth Raider Edmonton has drafted, and the fourth taken in the first round. It is NOT an all-star cast.

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Mark Fayne and Murderer’s Row

Jonathan Willis
July 06 2014 05:00PM

Mark Fayne

The Edmonton Oilers have made a pile of moves this summer, but the addition of Mark Fayne to an often overmatched defence corps might be the biggest.

He has something of a track record against good players.

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Kelty Auction #9 & #10 - Summer Refreshments

July 06 2014 10:10AM


It's the final day of auctions and we've got some items today that are perfect for the summer. Our friends at Kegs and More Liquor have donated a couple of summer refreshments that will be great for whatever you've got happening this summer. What am I talking about? Today we've got a 30L keg of Sleemans and a tequila gift basket from Sauza tequila. These items are for Edmonton only, because you'll be picking them up from Kegs and More directly. As always, I thank you guys for your time and your donations.

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July 05 2014 09:49PM


The Edmonton Oilers 2014 draft basically comes down to Leon Draisaitl, William Lagesson and a bunch of guys. We've discussed Leon the Professional at length, and we'll discuss the bunch of guys later. Tonight: William Lagesson.

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