West preview...Smashville

Jason Gregor
September 04 2014 05:36PM


With every passing day we are getting closer to training camp, and as more players arrive in town I will write about them, but I'd also like to look at the rest of the Western conference. We know what changes the Oilers made, and most agree the team has improved, but have they improved enough to compete for a playoff spot?

Let's look at the rest of the west and see.

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September 04 2014 03:59PM

marincin and schultz

Since 2010, the Edmonton Oilers have been sending prospects to Oklahoma territory in order to grind their skills into useful assets. "Iron out the mistakes" I once heard it called, by a Triple A baseball manager, and that seems about right. I believe we're about to see at least two very good rookie seasons from the current group of youngsters graduating to the AHL.

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Sean Monahan: More cautionary tale than guiding light for Leon Draisaitl

Jonathan Willis
September 04 2014 01:32PM


Sean Monahan is likely, at some point, to be a very good NHL player.

He wasn’t one last season. And if Leon Draisaitl has a rookie campaign comparable to Monahan’s, the Oilers will be in serious trouble.

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Photoshop Contest - The Finalists

September 03 2014 04:52PM


This afternoon, Wanye and I locked ourselves in the war room at Nation HQ and went through over 50 photoshop entries to come up with the finalists.  The sad part about it all is that we were only able to choose 6 finalists. So many of you had great entries that Wanye and I almost blew up in fisticuffs over who would make the final six.  After many laughs and heated debates, here are your finalists.

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The Oilers don’t have much in the way of prospect goalies, but it may not matter

Jonathan Willis
September 03 2014 02:52PM

Tyler Bunz2

With all due respect to Laurent Brossoit, Frans Tuohimaa, Tyler Bunz, Zach Nagelvoort and Keven Bouchard, the Edmonton Oilers don’t have a blue chip goalie prospect.

I’m not sure that it matters.

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