August 23 2012 04:36PM

WTF? No new articles on the Nation today? We will expertly stick handle this opportunity with a real think piece on just how far the Oilers have come economically with their signing yesterday of Taylor Hall. You may not have realized it but the Oilers are officially now a Have in a league of Haves and Have Nots. 

We are just iced out with swag up here aren't we Gucci Mane ft Souljaboy? BRRRR indeed.

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August 22 2012 12:38PM

WHOOOOWEEEE Taylor Hall Ladies and Gentlemen!

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August 22 2012 11:07AM

The Edmonton Oilers have procured boatloads of elite level young talent. That requires a loyal fanbase, an owner willing to buy in (or in this case suggest) on a rebuild, an effective scouting group and time. To build a winner, there are a few other elements.

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Pressing the advantage

Jonathan Willis
August 21 2012 09:58AM

Nail Yakupov (Resolute/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Edmonton Oilers have had a pretty good summer, all things considered. Nail Yakupov is a nice addition to the group of talented young forwards already on the team. Justin Schultz is exactly the sort of player the team needs – a top prospect in the same age range as the current cluster, the kind of guy who should help a bit now and a lot more over the long haul. Bringing back veteran forward Ryan Smyth helps.

For all the good, however, things could have been better.

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Nation Radio - August 18, 2012

August 21 2012 07:11AM


As the billionaires ready themselves to lock-out the millionaires over a few percentage points of total revenues, we here at Nation Radio nevertheless resolutely march on with continued hockey coverage. It may be mid-August and we may be talking about the same stuff in November because the powers-that-be are having their white collar slap fight, but what the's why we're all here right?

This week, Allan invited some tried and true guests like Corey Pronman, Jonathan Willis and Corey Graham to talk about Oilers prospects, other high-end kids and summer tournaments.

This is Nation Radio.

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