June 30 2012 07:01AM

"Justin" has been kicking ass and taking names all the way back to 518. That's a lot of hair.

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Jay Grossman talks about the Khabibulin contract

Jonathan Willis
June 29 2012 08:53AM

There’s a piece on the Oilers’ official website today featuring a discussion with player agent Jay Grossman. Grossman talks about the Oilers as a free agent destination, and also about the circumstances surrounding the original signing of Nikolai Khabibulin. He has some interesting things to say.

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June 28 2012 06:47PM

As a long time observer of the Edmonton Oilers at the draft table, it took me a few days to figure out what the club did last weekend. It was not business as usual for Stu MacGregor and his staff. What did they do? Does it make sense?

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The UFA Market For Defensemen: It’s Going To Get Ugly

Jonathan Willis
June 28 2012 04:38PM

Photo by Sean Russell, via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve considered the weak free agent market for defensemen a few times now. Teams looking for a defenseman under the age of 30 who played 20+ minutes per game last season now have exactly three choices: Ryan Suter, Jason Garrison and Matt Carle. That’s the entire list.

The worse news is that there’s absolutely no shortage of teams looking for help on the back end.

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Ralph Krueger: In The Driver’s Seat

Jonathan Willis
June 28 2012 02:33PM

Unlike a lot of assistant/associate coach promotions, we’ve had a chance to see what a Ralph Krueger run bench looks like. During his time filling in for Tom Renney, how did he arrange his forward lines and how did he use them?

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