August 20 2012 05:47PM

The Edmonton Oilers are about to fill their need on the backline with tall trees from the last several drafts. Sometimes, early arrival (and success) means hanging around longer than the kids behind you. How quickly can Marincin make the grade?

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August 20 2012 11:33AM

Monday Morning finds us checking WanyeMail for the final addresses for stickers - over 300 people and growing by the by - and we found an email from our main man Yawto who wove a tale so fantastic, indeed a story so stupendous that on a sunny day like today it merits further analysis and may indeed become a whole new thing here on the Nation.

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EA Sports Player Ratings: Horcoff, 82; Nugent-Hopkins 80

Jonathan Willis
August 20 2012 09:49AM

I’m afraid it’s that time of year again – the time of year where EA Sports puts out its newest edition of the popular NHL series and fans critique how the players are ranked.

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Who are these guys?

Jason Strudwick
August 20 2012 07:48AM

London 2012 Banner (Michael Pead/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0)

A couple of weeks ago on the Jason Gregor Show, Gregor, Mark Spector and I were discussing the Olympics. Spector mentioned he wasn't wild about watching the tennis tournament that takes place during the Olympics. He felt that he could watch the players most weekends, it was nothing new.

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Which Oilers played against the opposition’s best defenders? Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle

Jonathan Willis
August 19 2012 01:26PM

Quality of Competition is one of the few advanced statistical metrics that virtually nobody argues lacks value. Success is success, but there’s a difference between succeeding against the other team’s first line and their third line.

Until now, however, most Quality of Competition rankings have been based on plus/minus or one of the shot metrics, and have failed to differentiate between playing against the other team’s best forwards and their best defencemen. What happens if we tweak those numbers for the Edmonton Oilers?

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