Jason Gregor
August 10 2012 10:17AM

When you've played for 11 different organizations, in five different leagues over a span of 17 seasons it's clear you have some talent. You likely also have a nice set of luggage.

Our esteemed colleague, Jason Strudwick (left in pic), carved out a pretty damn good career for himself over the past 17 seasons.To bad he forgot a comb when Ferencvaros held a press conference announcing he and his cousin, Rob Niedermayer, had signed with them.

While it looks like the cousins arrived at the presser fresh off an all-nighter of wine of goulash, I'm sure Struds will tell us he had just left the gym, while Rob had clearly just left an all-night buffet.

The one thing I've learned about Struds is that he is one of the best story tellers around. He has an a vivid memory, and imagination, so when you combine that with his stops in: Worcester, Kentucky, Long Island, Vancouver, Syracuse, Chicago, Rangers, Ferencvaros (Hungary), Lugano (Swiss), Edmonton and Sodertalje (Sweden) it creates some epic tales.

Tales of a Journeyman.

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Robin Brownlee
August 10 2012 08:39AM

Remember the indignation at hockey websites like this one when The Hockey News projected the Edmonton Oilers to finish dead-last in the Western Conference a few seasons ago? Me, too. And today?

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The Vigneault Solution

Jonathan Willis
August 10 2012 07:49AM

Alain Vigneault (Canucks Hockey Blog/Wikimedia Commons/CC by 2.0)

Vancouver Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault has for a few years now been employing his fourth line in an unconventional manner: he uses them as defensive zone specialists. That should be of interest to the Oilers because at first glance it appears they have the necessary personnel to imitate that strategy.

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The 1992 NHL Players' Stike: A Relevant Story

JP Nikota
August 09 2012 01:46PM

I was only six years old when the NHL saw its first significant labour disruption in 1992, and to be honest, I had forgotten that it had happened at all. Having read Bruce Dowbiggin's Money Players, however, the story seems suddenly relevant.

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Jason Gregor
August 09 2012 09:34AM

Since making his debut as an Oiler on March 5th, 2010, Ryan Whitney has eight goals and 58 points In 105 games. He had tallied 38 points in his first 54 games, before injuring his ankle December 28th against Buffalo. He then missed 78 of the next 129 games with a variety of ankle/foot issues.

Whitney was able to play the final 34 games last season, but it was clear he'd lost some footspeed. He was frustrated, but he admitted that in those final few games he was finally pain free. His injury wasn't hampering his speed, or lack thereof, his leg strength was.

Due to his injury in December of 2010, Whitney hadn't been able to do any off-season training heading in the summer of 2011. It was obvious on the ice that he had no explosiveness, but when the Oilers packed their bags this past April Whitney was in a surprisingly good mood. He told me he was looking forward to finally being able to work out, and he was determined a solid summer of training would allow him to rediscover his game.

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