August 25 2012 05:32AM

First time I saw Shawn Horcoff was fall 2000, one dozen years ago. It was a pre-season game, he marked his man at center ice after a turnover and shadowed him down the ice, tied up his stick as a perfect pass came flying through the slot and rode the man out the scoring area. Textbook from a rookie, music!

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Welcome to the fantasy world of NHL rumours

Jonathan Willis
August 24 2012 05:06PM

It is almost like stepping into another dimension.

According to the television analysts, the mainstream beat writers, and other people really plugged into what’s happening in hockey, it’s a quiet time for the NHL. There are a few long-rumored deals that are being quietly discussed: Shane Doan is still an unrestricted free agent, multiple teams are apparently interested in Jay Bouwmeester, that sort of thing. Typically, the names being discussed are the same names that were being discussed back on July 1, when free agency kicked off.

However, a crop of purported NHL insiders spins a very different tale, portraying a league where trade talks for high-calibre players are constant and unending. They number at least in the dozens, possibly even in the hundreds, and the stories they start have made them wildly popular with a subset of hockey fans.

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On Rebuilding, Part 7: The Columbus Blue Jackets

Jonathan Willis
August 24 2012 01:29PM

Former captain Rick Nash (5of7/Wikimedia Commons)

Frequent commenter and guest contributor RexLibris' series on rebuilds continues with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Script

  • The Blue Jackets have been rebuilding since the day they joined the league and are an example of how drafting in the top ten is a crapshoot.
  • They have never shown that building through the draft is a reasonable strategy.
  • The Blue Jackets are the perfect counter-point to the Penguins, for every successful rebuild like the Blackhawks and Penguins I can point to the Isles and Blue Jackets.

I think these are all reasonable approximations of the many statements recently surrounding the build-turned-rebuild in Columbus. So how do they stack up against the history of the organization?

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Robin Brownlee
August 24 2012 09:22AM

Taylor Hall is a terrific young player and I don't have much doubt that, in the context of "market value" in today's NHL, he will be worth every penny of the $42 million big stack the Edmonton Oilers will pay him during the seven-year extension they just signed him to.

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August 23 2012 04:36PM

WTF? No new articles on the Nation today? We will expertly stick handle this opportunity with a real think piece on just how far the Oilers have come economically with their signing yesterday of Taylor Hall. You may not have realized it but the Oilers are officially now a Have in a league of Haves and Have Nots. 

We are just iced out with swag up here aren't we Gucci Mane ft Souljaboy? BRRRR indeed.

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