Outside the box: who's next?

Robin Brownlee
April 21 2010 10:54PM

Puzzled man with laptop on edge of seaside cliff

If Craig Heisinger can go from sharpening skates and ordering shoulder pads as equipment manager of the Winnipeg Jets to running one of the most successful franchises in the AHL as GM of the Manitoba Moose, anything is possible.

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April 21 2010 06:31PM

We have to admit that we were a bit surprised when the news hit the wire that Oilers VP of Hockey Operations and Assistant GM Kevin Prendergast has been relieved of his command - a short time after the Oilers had finished 30th in the league and waddled off into the offseason.

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Taylor or Tyler? 66 more days...

Jason Gregor
April 20 2010 06:17PM

2010 Home Hardware CHL-NHL Top Prospects Game

The Taylor or Tyler debate will rage for another 66 days until the Oilers draft one of them, but it won’t stop there and it will surely intensify over the next ten seasons, especially if one of them becomes much more proficient.

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Multi-tasking: bang for the buck

Robin Brownlee
April 19 2010 10:50PM

Colorado Avalanche at Edmonton Oilers

As much as people like scribbling out line-ups and trying to figure out what the Edmonton Oilers will look like next season, I've never had much interest in doing it myself, at least not in April.

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Jason Gregor
April 18 2010 10:03PM

A week has passed since the Oilers finished their worst season ever. I know statistically they had more points than the 1993 team, but there was no shootouts then, so let’s not argue semantics. This season sucked worse than any other, plain and simple.

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