The tough side of being a professional athelete

Jason Strudwick
August 16 2012 09:14AM

Chad Johnson (Yunner/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)

I have never been a big fan of Chad Johnson, the now former wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins. Although he was entertaining I felt he was always looking out for himself before the team and that is not a trait I would want in a teammate. Too disruptive and a distraction to the team game.

After watching HBO's Hard Knocks showcasing the Miami Dolphins I may have found a soft spot for old 85. As the exchange between coach Joe Philbin and Johnson unfolded in which Joe was cutting Johnson, I was transported back fifteen years or so to the time I was cut by the New York Islanders.

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Robin Brownlee
August 16 2012 01:12AM

I used to take stock of where I was at in my life by the size of my pay cheque and how many stories I'd break during any given season on the beat covering the Edmonton Oilers for the local dailies. I was doing fine on both counts and everything else was pretty much secondary.

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August 15 2012 06:07PM

They arrive in our city from exotic places like Toronto, Regina, Norrkoping, Burnaby and Ann Arbour. They don't yet shave, and we don't yet have our favorites. Eventually, they find a way into the hearts of Oilers Nation and we begin the process with a new batch every fall.

What will this fall bring us? Ever heard of Nizhnekamsk?

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Ten Points: Roster decisions, the magic bullet, and the Oilers as a small market club

Jonathan Willis
August 15 2012 11:48AM

1. Potter or Peckham? The Oilers face an interesting choice this fall (if there’s hockey): do they keep both bubble defenders on the team and run with eight defencemen or do they trade one/try to slip one through waivers?

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Martin Lapointe and NHL player salaries

JP Nikota
August 15 2012 07:49AM

"Everybody but the people who run teams base performance on how many points you get [or] how many goals. Well, we don't. If he gets goals, that helps, but you have to look at the overall contribution to the team. Martin [Lapointe]'s a character person. He comes to play every night. He came from a winning program. And we needed at his position."

- Harry Sinden

The above quote tells us a lot about how the NHL's financial situation got to be where it is today.

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