Jordan Eberle: Comparables

Jonathan Willis
August 11 2012 11:16AM

Marian Hossa (kaatiya/Flickr under CC BY 2.0)

For all the debate about Jordan Eberle’s ability to replicate this season’s performance, there is no question that his 76 points in 78 games at the age of 21 was a remarkable achievement. That point is driven home when one looks at the list of players who have managed to score at a similar pace sometime between the age of 20 and 22 – the list is up after the jump, and it’s beautiful.

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August 11 2012 07:46AM

The Edmonton Oilers drafted Nail Yakupov at the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Did they acquire a dominant shooter?

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On Rebuilding, Part 6: The New York Islanders

Jonathan Willis
August 10 2012 05:36PM

Frequent commenter and guest contributor RexLibris' series on rebuilds continues with the New York Islanders.

New Orleans York is Sinking

What are the myths and storylines that we, as fans, tell ourselves when it comes to the horror show rebuild that is going on in Long Island?

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NHLnumbers Podcast: All About Tracking

NHLnumbers Podcast
August 10 2012 02:23PM


In this edition we covered all things tracking with an expert panel on the subject: Neil Greenberg from the Washington Post and ESPN Insider, Geoff Detweiller of Broad Street Hockey, Eric T. of BSH and NHLnumbers and our own tracking addict Corey S. We went over Eric's article on the link between scoring chances and shot differential and what it means for scoring-chance tracking, Geoff and Eric's very promising project tracking zone entries, tracking zone exits and what the future holds for tracking/advanced stats.

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Jason Gregor
August 10 2012 10:17AM

When you've played for 11 different organizations, in five different leagues over a span of 17 seasons it's clear you have some talent. You likely also have a nice set of luggage.

Our esteemed colleague, Jason Strudwick (left in pic), carved out a pretty damn good career for himself over the past 17 seasons.To bad he forgot a comb when Ferencvaros held a press conference announcing he and his cousin, Rob Niedermayer, had signed with them.

While it looks like the cousins arrived at the presser fresh off an all-nighter of wine of goulash, I'm sure Struds will tell us he had just left the gym, while Rob had clearly just left an all-night buffet.

The one thing I've learned about Struds is that he is one of the best story tellers around. He has an a vivid memory, and imagination, so when you combine that with his stops in: Worcester, Kentucky, Long Island, Vancouver, Syracuse, Chicago, Rangers, Ferencvaros (Hungary), Lugano (Swiss), Edmonton and Sodertalje (Sweden) it creates some epic tales.

Tales of a Journeyman.

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