August 02 2012 08:02AM

The Edmonton Oilers struck gold when selecting Jordan Eberle 22nd overall in the 2008 entry draft. How good can he be? What should we expect from him this coming season? What is reasonable?

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How Good was Tobias Rieder’s 2011-12 Season?

Jonathan Willis
August 01 2012 03:06PM

Tobias Rieder is one of the more interesting prospects the Oilers have in their system. The German-born winger made the jump to the OHL last season and played well enough for the Oilers to draft him in the fourth round this year. In 2011-12 he exploded, scoring 42 goals and recording 84 points in 60 games.

How does that compare to other OHL forwards drafted in 2011?

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Jason Gregor
August 01 2012 01:04PM

I don't know Jordan Eberle very well.

During the past two years I've chatted with him casually in the dressing room, interviewed him and did a few charitable events together, but I won't claim that I really know him. We aren't friends on facebook, which is clearly the foundation to a tight friendship in 2012, and we've never gone for dinner. However, I am surprised that after finishing tied for 15th in scoring last year that his production has become a lightning rod amongst some bloggers.

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Forwards and NHLE - 2010 Draft

Scott Reynolds
August 01 2012 08:42AM

Taylor Hall

Photo by Alesiaxx via Wikimedia Commons

Over the last couple of days, I've looked at all of the forwards chosen in the 2012 and 2011 entry drafts. Today, we're moving on to the great Taylor v. Tyler debate of 2010. Two years out, those two players are still at the top of the pile, but many of the others in the top ten aren't yet playing in the NHL. If you've read the methodological explanations already, feel free to skip down to the results. 

In the chart below, I've taken each player's goals, assists and points, converted them to a "per game" rate, multiplied them by the league equivalency number, and then expressed them as an "NHL equivalency" assuming an 82-game NHL season. As you may have guessed, each league has a different equivalency number. I've used this article for the translations from the KHL (multiply offense by 0.83), SEL (0.78), CZE (0.74), FNL (0.54), NCAA (0.41), WHL (0.30), OHL (0.30) and QMJHL (0.28),and this article for the translations from the USHL (0.27), AJHL (0.16), and BCHL (0.14). With these players getting older, there are now only a few leagues that have drafted players but no translations, and if you're playing there (ECHL, minor European league), that's probably a bad sign.

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August 01 2012 07:11AM

I've always been fascinated by scouts. Their job is simple: identify talent and don't make mistakes. Easier said than done. The job involves long hours, miles and miles of bad road, horrible coffee and exotic places from Minsk to Minot. How DO they pick the great players out in a crowd? How are Stu MacGregor and his merry band doing?

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