The Oilers’ Nasty Little Penalty Habit

Jonathan Willis
August 07 2012 12:36PM


Last season, the Edmonton Oilers killed 82.4 percent of the penalties they took. While only league average (they ranked 14th in the NHL in PK percentage), that represented significant improvement over previous years.

Despite having the league’s 14th-most efficient penalty kill, however, the Oilers allowed more power play goals than all but six teams. The reason? Their penchant for taking penalties.

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Forward Scoring At Home And On The Road

Jonathan Willis
August 06 2012 11:36AM

Playing on the road presents certain difficulties that playing at home does not. In addition to the greater frequency of back-to-back games coming on the road, the coaching has staff has much less ability to control the matchups away from home.

Looking at the difference between home and road performance among Oilers forwards in 2011-12, some interesting trends manifest themselves.

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August 06 2012 08:19AM

The OKC Barons 12-13 are coming into view. Sure there are some 'bubble' players who might make the big club but at this point the candidates appear to be signed, sealed and delivered.

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Nation Radio - August 4, 2012

August 05 2012 12:39PM

It's the August long weekend! Hockey may be on the back-burner for many, but that doesn't mean that Nation Radio is hurting for things to discuss. Host Allan Mitchell talks about the Oilers with Jason Gregor, the Canucks with Thomas Drance, the NHL in general with Eric T., the AHL with Jim Byers and the WHL with Guy Flaming, with a little soccer talk with Scott Francis Winder in acknowledgement of the fact that when the thermometer is pushing 30 degrees all the talk can't be about hockey.

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August 05 2012 09:28AM

There are qualified men playing in the shadows of the NHL, waiting for a chance to prove they have the right stuff. This year, as in seasons past, six men have shown themselves to be most worthy. These men are the 2012 Minor League All-Stars.

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