August 01 2012 07:11AM

I've always been fascinated by scouts. Their job is simple: identify talent and don't make mistakes. Easier said than done. The job involves long hours, miles and miles of bad road, horrible coffee and exotic places from Minsk to Minot. How DO they pick the great players out in a crowd? How are Stu MacGregor and his merry band doing?

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Jason Gregor
July 31 2012 12:31PM

Since breaking his leg on September 30th, 2011 Taylor Fedun has been working tirelessly to get back on the ice. Every since that gruesome night in Minnesota the Princeton grad has been focusing on getting back on the ice and hopefully into the NHL. Countless hours with physiotherapists, athletic therapists, chiropractors and numerous other specialists has allowed him to turn that focus into a reality.

Earlier this month Fedun took part in the Oilers annual rookie development camp, the first real opportunity for him to see how far he'd come in his rehab. He felt good off the ice, but getting on the ice against players like Nail Yakupov would be a more accurate test for the 24-year-old.

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The Third Man

Jonathan Willis
July 31 2012 07:33AM

The Edmonton Oilers have drafted and developed just two impact goaltenders in their long history. Is Devan Dubnyk the third?

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July 30 2012 07:12PM

The truth is we don't know much about John McCarron. The Edmonton Oilers liked him, and he's a big winger who had some nice things going on later in Cornell's season. Let's see if we can cobble together something on Edmonton's latest prospect.

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The right stuff

Jason Strudwick
July 30 2012 02:18PM


The response from my article last week, 'Who do you love?' was impressive. You readers gave a lot of good and interesting feedback and opinions. There were both safe and surprising choices for who you all thought should be on the ice to protect a one goal lead.

Before I reveal who would be my choices, I want to discuss some of your feedback.

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