Who saw this coming?!

Jason Gregor
March 23 2010 11:52PM

The unpredictability of sports, and especially hockey, is what makes it impossible not to watch, even the most meaningless game. All of a sudden the Oilers have won three straight home games for the first time since October, and they’ve beaten three playoffs teams in the process

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Oilers Vs. Canucks Postgame: The Jeff Deslauriers Experience Continues

Jonathan Willis
March 23 2010 10:47PM

Edmonton Oilers: 3

Vancouver Canucks: 2

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Oilers win again (?)

March 23 2010 10:32PM

Er, what? The Oilers have won 3 in a row?

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GDB LXXIII: Dubs out, Deslauriers in

Jason Gregor
March 23 2010 02:23PM

I didn’t make it to the morning skate today, because I had the honour of being a judge at W. D Cuts Junior High. Nine grade nine boys and girls presented their essays in a speech forum today on a variety of topics (more on that later).

I put in a few calls to Rishaug and Brownlee and found out I didn’t miss much this morning, other than Pat Quinn lucking out.

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Jordan Eberle Revisited

Jonathan Willis
March 23 2010 07:35AM

New York Islanders v Edmonton Oilers

When the Edmonton Oilers announced that they were going to send prospect Jordan Eberle to Springfield and likely keep him there for the rest of the season, I’ll admit that I was on-board with the proposal. I thought it demonstrated patience and a measured approach the Oilers have too long lacked with their prospects, and that it was probably the best place to get Eberle started, shielded from the expectations that come with being the shiniest new youngster on a last-place team.

Eberle’s performance in Springfield has caused me to rethink that stance.

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