A Brief Point On NHLNumbers.com

Jonathan Willis
April 10 2009 05:45PM


With the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiated between the NHL and the NHLPA to to end the 2004-05 lockout in effect, the NHL world turned upside down. Suddenly, the high-spending teams couldn’t just throw money at their problems; they were constrained by a salary cap. Every team needed to adapt; salary quickly became the chief consideration in any trade.

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Jonathan Willis
April 10 2009 10:01AM


I read Don Cherry’s Hockey Stories and Stuff last night. I’ve been meaning to pick it up for a read for quite some time – as often as I disagree with Cherry he’s an entertaining guy, and a guy who worked for everything he has now; when I read about him as a minor league player I see a life much tougher than my own, and for that matter much tougher than the lives of almost all the players these days.

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Gregor discusses the season with Horcoff

Jason Gregor
April 09 2009 03:42PM

Horcoff scores on a hapless goalie

You know that feeling of dread when you stroll up to a party of your better half’s co-workers, or going out with your buddy after his wife/gf just dumped him, or your annual evaluation with the boss. You walk in wishing you could be somewhere else.

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Already gone

Robin Brownlee
April 09 2009 03:02PM

Craig MacTavish: you're fired

Craig MacTavish is telegraphing the shot I expect he'll deliver not long after the Edmonton Oilers play out the string against the Calgary Flames Saturday, namely that he'll resign as coach.

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Seeing it through

April 09 2009 01:20PM

Ah the Oilers. Only one team in the known universe could inspire such a diverse cornucopia of emoticons amongst its devout following. Take our boy Max for example. He sent us the video above a few days ago when we still had positivity coursing through our veins.

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