Oilers Vs. Wild Postgame: “There Is Some Room For Improvement”

Jonathan Willis
March 16 2010 10:32PM

Oilers: 2

Wild: 4

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Times change: no more Tom Gilbert trade talk

Robin Brownlee
March 16 2010 02:02PM

Edmonton Oilers v Toronto Maple Leafs

With all the times I've said the Edmonton Oilers could or should trade Tom Gilbert, it doesn't surprise me some fans have the impression I've got a problem with the guy. Not so.

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March 16 2010 01:40PM

Behold the glory of the NHL season. 82 games of rupture causing joy and excitement, culminating with the march to the post season in early April. Unless of course you count "the Edmonton Oilers" as your favourite team. Then it is 82 consecutive kicks to the junk, followed by 82 punches to the junk. (tip o' the cap to TB)

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In Lieu Of Nation Party Stories

Jonathan Willis
March 16 2010 08:51AM

Blue Jackets: 5

Oilers: 3

Go check out Wanye's party stories - now guaranteed more fun than the game itself!

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March 15 2010 10:22PM

We wish we could have the professional detachment of a Jason Gregor or Robin Brownlee, particularly when the Team puts up a brick of a game like they just did against the Columbus Blue Jackets. But we don't - as shown with the tears superimposed over a blue background in the drawing above.

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