July 12 2012 05:23PM

Important work is being done in Oklahoma City. As Oiler fans watch a stream of #1 overall selections dazzle at the NHL level, the support group is learning the trade and preparing to make the jump. Role players may not be as sexy as the impact kids, but they're important all the same.

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Can the Edmonton Oilers keep their young core together?

Jonathan Willis
July 12 2012 09:19AM

What will the Oilers look like once the entry-level deals Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle are on expire? What about when Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ contract ends? Is the team going to remain affordable?

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Big Decisions: The Andrew Cogliano Trade

Jonathan Willis
July 11 2012 10:22AM

Photo by Michael Miller, via Wikimedia Commons

Last summer, the Edmonton Oilers made the decision to cut ties with Andrew Cogliano, sending the young centre to Anaheim in exchange for a second round draft pick. A year later, how is that decision looking?

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Robin Brownlee
July 10 2012 09:17PM

I've always considered Jay Bouwmeester a brutal interview, akin to getting dental work done. And, with good reason. He is one. Bouwmeester is a bad, bad talker. That said, he's a pretty good hockey player.

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July 10 2012 12:55PM

The lottery work being done by the mountain of losses at the NHL level are having the desired impact: stunning talents unavailable any other way are walking through the door for free every draft day. The "fail-fall" strategy is near an end, and the real business of developing players the traditional way comes into focus.

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