GDB LVII: Coyote Ugly

Jason Gregor
February 08 2010 01:02PM

Whoever said that the 2009-10 Oilers season wouldn't be record setting, think again. Last week the Oilers tied the franchise record with a 13-game winless streak, and tonight they have a shot at setting a dubious record: longest road losing streak. The Oilers have lost nine straight on the road, all in regulation, and haven’t won away from Rexall Place since December 11th v. the Blues.

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Robin Brownlee
February 07 2010 03:26PM

In some games, Jeff Deslauriers looks like a bona fide NHL starting goaltender. At other times, he looks more suited to sitting on the end of the bench and cheerleading in the AHL or selling insurance.

That juxtaposition is jarring on the eyes, if nothing else.

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February 07 2010 02:12PM

Ah the Superbowl. Even if you don't care for the American Football, it is a day celebrated in most civilized countries in the world where you can eat like the fattest American, drink like the drunkenest rummy and make believe that you have been cheering for the New Orleans Saints the entire season.

Bandwagon jumping is actually acceptable on Superbowl Sunday, as opposed to during NHL playoffs when bandwagon jumpers should be drawn and quartered upon sight.

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Oilers vs. Avalanche Postgame: Technology Steps In To Preserve My Sanity

Jonathan Willis
February 06 2010 11:46PM

Colorado Avalanche: 3

Edmonton Oilers: 0

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GDB LVII: HammerTime

February 06 2010 03:21PM

Gregor just hit us up with a message and said “Hey Wanye, I’m out at the farm calving this weekend, can you get a GDB up tonight? Don’t forget to mention that the Oilers haven't won on the road in 8 games and the Avs are 16-8 at home."

It continually amazes us how much information Gregor has rattling around in that brain of his. Even while he is elbow deep in the unmentionables of a cow bringing life into the world, he can still spit the road record of the Avalanche from memory. Not us Nation, so dial down your expectations immediately cause that just ain't in the cards.

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