Jason Gregor
June 21 2010 04:50PM

I go to Vegas for the weekend and return home with a dislocated finger, a lighter wallet, a heavier suitcase and much to my chagrin the Oilers haven’t announced who they are drafting.

I’m stunned.

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June 19 2010 03:10PM


Internet beef is funny. From afar it is a glorious spectacle, two virtual cobras circling each other in the ring. When OilersNation started, we had beef o'plenty with a variety of bloggers and websites who felt that our little piece of cyber space was intruding on something they had been doing for years.

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June 17 2010 12:24PM

Oh. Eklund. You magnificient bastard. We can't help but laugh at what you are willing to post on your website. Reading this "insider information" makes our eyes bleed tears of blood.

"Been chasing this one all day...

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Exclusive: Daum has his say, takes the high road

Robin Brownlee
June 15 2010 03:44PM

I was half-expecting Rob Daum to dump all over the Edmonton Oilers today over how they handled showing him the door, but I should have known better.

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***UPDATE NEW OILERS ASST. GM??? And Oil Kings coach

Jason Gregor
June 15 2010 03:05PM

It sounds like the Oil Kings have found a new coach. Sources have told me that Bob Green is close to finalizing a deal with former NHLer, Derek Laxdal.

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