All in the family: Edmonton snubbed again

Robin Brownlee
July 13 2009 09:06AM

David Musil grew up in Edmonton. His dad, Frank, you might remember, played for the Edmonton Oilers for three seasons. He's been employed by the Oilers as a scout since he retired as a player in 2001.

Frank's baby boy used to have the run of Rexall Place when his dad played here. You'd see him around the dressing room. David would throw on his skates and helmet and wobble around out on the ice after practice.

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100-point season for Nash doubtful

Jason Gregor
July 13 2009 08:18AM

To date 102 different players have totaled 100 or more points in an NHL season (to see the entire list, click here).

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NHL Games Missed Due To Injury Since The Lockout

Jonathan Willis
July 12 2009 10:59AM

Injuries are a fact of life in professional hockey. It’s a contact sport played at the highest speeds, and pain is an inevitable consequence. That said, some players are more at risk (due to chronic problems, poor hockey sense, age and other factors) than most, and teams like the Oilers need to know which of their key players are at an elevated risk of injury.

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More on Dany Heatley / Somebody Make This Stop

Jonathan Willis
July 11 2009 01:31PM

Dan Barnes' article in the Edmonton Journal this morning gives us yet another depressing update/non-update on the Dany Heatley situation.

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Class is always in

Robin Brownlee
July 11 2009 12:48AM

The name Joe Sakic and the word "class" have appeared in the same sentence countless times since Burnaby Joe's retirement announcement on Thursday. In this case, the term doesn't begin to describe him. It's an understatement.

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