GDB #1: Down with the haters

Jason Gregor
October 03 2009 05:25PM


(Editors note: Author is Jason Gregor. We'll attribute to him properly when he gets on the system)

Finally the Oilers will play a meaningful game for the first time in almost six months. That’s right Oiler fans six freaking months since a game really mattered in this city, and now Brownlee is already ensuring you will only have six months of hockey before another long off season.

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Good morning PLANET EARTH

October 03 2009 01:28AM

No doubt you've noticed some changes around here. Yeah, this is has been sometime in the making. We had to enslave an entire wing of the local library to find the nerd-power necessary to get this far.

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Copper and blue: the big gulp

Robin Brownlee
October 02 2009 06:03PM


Of course the Edmonton Oilers are going to make Western Conference playoffs. It just won't happen this season, contrary to what Jason Gregor, Wanye Gretz, Amber McCormick, Jonathan Willis and Bingofuel, their lips stained with Copper and Blue Kool-Aid and their hearts once again swollen with the hope October brings, would have you believe.

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OilersNation's 2009-10 Western Conference Predictions

October 02 2009 12:00PM


Oh sure, the puck hasn't even touched the ice yet for the Little Team That Can (And Will)™. But that's never stopped the writers here at OilersNation from putting on their prognostication (I had to look it up) hats to determine how things are going to shake out this season.

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Do you see what I see, edition VII

Jason Gregor
October 01 2009 03:21PM


Finally the NHL season officially begins tonight, and one of the classiest players to ever play, Joe Sakic, will be honoured in Colorado. It still bothers me that the Avs raised Ray Bourque’s jersey when he only played there for two years, but Sakic is a no-brainer and that is a ceremony I’m gonna watch.

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