Starting again: Vol I

January 27 2010 02:21PM

If this is the kind of hockey we are going to witness, we are going to skip to the end of this book and start moving onto what's next. The answer by the way is rebuilding from scratch. And according to the way the wind is blowing around the Oilers Head Offices these days, it starts with trading Sheldon Souray - one of the few marketable assets the Oilers have these days.

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Oilers vs. Blackhawks Postgame

Jonathan Willis
January 26 2010 10:33PM

Chicago Blackhawks: 4

Edmonton Oilers: 2

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GDB LI: Not another black Tuesday...

Jason Gregor
January 26 2010 11:55AM

Will we witness another black Tuesday tonight at Rexall Place? On Dec 16, 2008 the Blackhawks strolled into Rexall Place and demolished the Oilers 9-2. The Hawks scored four PP goals, one SH goal and four EV goals. It was a debacle of monumental proportions, to quote Craig MacTavish.

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Defending Kevin Lowe

Jonathan Willis
January 26 2010 09:38AM

NHL General Managers Meeting

It’s become popular to blame Kevin Lowe for the travails of the Edmonton Oilers. No doubt he’s partially to blame; his contracts and unbalanced approach to roster building are part of the reason the Oilers are mired in 30th.

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We're Number Last... We're Number Last!

Amber McCormick
January 26 2010 09:09AM

We’re the last team in the standings. We’re in 30th place. We’re the #1 losers. We’re the polar opposite of first place. No matter how you say it, it hurts. Not only do we have to put up with the mockery of Flames fans (there’s one in every office) but we also have to deal with the little voice in our heads saying, “Why are you so offended? You know they’re right.”

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