Oilers Mid-Season Report Card

January 12 2011 05:04PM

This is Ryan Whitney. Despite injury, he is in fact the Oilers first-half MVP. The Oilers have copious hope hidden under a cloud of win-loss misery. The mid-season report card offers us wonderful clues about the future. Some are staying, others not so much.

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Robin Brownlee
January 12 2011 03:49PM


Thanks to everybody who took the time to throw in their two cents worth about how they'd approach the job of continuing to rebuild of the Edmonton Oilers if they were sitting in GM Steve Tambellini's chair.

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Lucky 13 At The Half

Jonathan Willis
January 11 2011 09:56PM

With half the season now behind us, courtesy of the Oilers 3-2 loss to Dallas, it’s time for another look at the standings for Robin Brownlee’s Lucky 13 contest.

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Setting Free the Bears

January 11 2011 06:41PM

With the Oilers reaching the official halfway point of their season, it's time to discuess a few home truths. The Oilers aren't going to make the playoffs, the trade deadline market suggests "UFA" is much easier to move than "RFA" and big ticket items are more likely to move in the warmer months. What does this mean to the Oilers? Read on.

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Jason Gregor
January 11 2011 10:43AM

The Oilers arrive at the midway point of the season tonight in Dallas, and despite registering only 13 wins in their first 40 games, this first half isn't even in the top-five worst first 40 games in franchise history. In the Oilers' inaugural season of 1979/80 they went 9-23-8, but made the playoffs going 19-16-5 in their final 40 games.

They had some kid name Gretzky, and another named Messier along with Kevin Lowe, Blair MacDonald, Stan Weir and Brett Callighen. They used six different goalies that year, and fans had faith things would improve.

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