Questions That Need Answers: Fifth Edition

Jason Gregor
March 25 2009 12:17PM


When MacT inevitably does get fired, who would you peg as the front runners for Tambellini to replace him with? Does he draw from his Vancouver days to bring in Marc Crawford? Does he go with former teammates?

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Water cooler talk

March 25 2009 11:35AM


We get vulnerable when we come onto the Nation the day after a loss and see that people are still having to comment on last night's GDB cause there is no new content. Consider this article "what we would talk about this morning if we worked together in the same office."

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GDB 73: Hemsky's 'outburst' nothing to worry about

Jason Gregor
March 24 2009 02:20PM


With ten games to go and sitting somewhat comfortably in 7th place, you would think life is grand yet everything is not rosy in Oilerville.

The Oilers best player is unhappy.

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Losing the Room

Jonathan Willis
March 24 2009 02:11PM

MacT and the team

The Edmonton Oilers fired Springfield Falcons head coach Jeff Truitt back in early February. The Falcons have struggled mightily this season and Truitt’s replacement, Rob Daum, has made some gains but has been unable to turn the team around.

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Financial Shiteroo Continues

March 24 2009 09:48AM


Once upon a time some turd burglar over at suggested that it was very possible this economic downturn could lead to non-screwed teams being put up on the block for sale. Not because they suck, but because the owners would tire of funding their burn in a downturn. Well Nation, it’s starting to happen.

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