Pat Quinn on “Doing Something”

Jonathan Willis
March 23 2012 09:57AM

Do something. For teams dwelling outside the playoff bubble, those words tend to accurately reflect the mood of the fan base. Fire the coach. Fire the trainers. Trade someone. Axe the professional scouts. Something.

I thought that ex-Leafs coach/G.M. and ex-Oilers coach Pat Quinn had an interesting take on “doing something” in the recent book Behind the Moves.

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March 23 2012 08:11AM

Yesterday, Jason Gregor (via Terry Jones via Jack Michaels) gave us the word on what makes Linus Omark happy.

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Jason Gregor
March 22 2012 12:00PM

Sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, because some people will still be upset or annoyed. In his 550th career game, Ales Hemsky produced his first career hat-trick, and added an assist, in a surprising 6-4 win over the Predators. Prior to Tuesday's outburst Hemsky had a paltry six goals in 59 games. He's never been a prolific goal scorer, but you'd expect for than six goals from him.

I've stated all year that Hemsky wasn't healthy to start the year, and he likely shouldn't have played early on. Many feel that if a guy is healthy enough to play he should produce, and while I respect that opinion, I think you are underestimating the fine line between an average player and an offensive threat.

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The Edmonton Oilers On The Penalty Kill: Good News

Jonathan Willis
March 22 2012 09:08AM

The Edmonton Oilers have been much better on the penalty kill this season than they have been in virtually forever. After years of being a punch line while down a man, they currently sit 19th in the NHL in terms of killing penalties. While 19th out of 30 is hardly the stuff people typically put on resumes, it does represent a step up.

Unfortunately, of late the penalty kill has started sliding. Just before Christmas, the Oilers were killing off 83.5% of penalties they took. Today, that number sits at just 81.6%. Is the magic gone?

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Ales Hemsky Turns Things Around

Jason Strudwick
March 21 2012 06:56PM

Where have you been Jake Taylor?

A favorite movie character of mine is Jake Taylor from the Major League movies. He is a backcatcher in the twilight of his career and he gets a call to play for the Cleveland Indians. He becomes a mentor for many of the players on the team throughout the movies.

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