Is there any reason the Edmonton Oilers can’t address the defense with their second pick?

Jonathan Willis
May 17 2012 12:08PM

In recent years, the Oilers have a pattern of addressing defense relatively early in the draft. With Nail Yakupov far-and-away the consensus choice for first overall, is that something they should look at doing again, perhaps with their second round pick?

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Jason Gregor
May 17 2012 08:54AM

Sami Lepisto is proof that blocking shots can hurt, but in some media and blogger's eyes the Rangers have taken shot blocking to a level the NHL has never seen. Fact: the Rangers are willing to block shot. Myth: They block more shots per game than Wanye has pictures of Jordan Eberle.

Every year during the playoffs many seem to jump on the bandwagon of one topic and beat it to death. Usually it is something that is supposedly ruining the game. It's gotten so annoying that I'm hoping someone hijacks the comment sections and debates the value of Sam Gagner for the millionth time. Actually I will block you if you do that today, but you get my point.

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The Obsession With Protection

Jonathan Willis
May 16 2012 11:33AM

There’s a theory here and elsewhere that NHL teams need enforcers, not just because people find it fun to watch one guy hit another guy in the face, but because without enforcers players are going to get hurt.

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Should the Edmonton Oilers go after Jordin Tootoo?

Jonathan Willis
May 16 2012 08:10AM

Jordin Tootoo, the well-known fourth-line pest and energy guy, is going to be an unrestricted free agent this summer. Should the Oilers go after him?

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May 15 2012 10:34PM

The night the Edmonton Oilers won their first Stanley, three European players won the right to have their names engraved on Hockey's Holy Grail. Jarri Kurri (Finland), Willy Lindstrom (Sweden) and Jaroslav Pouzar (Czechoslovakia) were all part of Edmonton's first elite team. How many Europeans will be on the run for glory this time?

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