World Championships Reaction: Prendergast and Omark

Jonathan Willis
May 12 2009 01:29PM


Linus Omark’s performance at the 2009 IIHL World Championships turned some heads – including among the Oilers brass. Kevin Prendergast was asked about him in today’s edition of the Edmonton Sun.

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A Quick And Dirty Look at the Value of a Goal, Or Alternately: Luck Matters

Jonathan Willis
May 11 2009 07:53PM

Bowman and Babcock

Scotty Bowman said something more than thirty years ago that occasionally seems to be at odds with conventional wisdom, but meshes well – even obviously – with reality.

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Do You See What I See V1

Jason Gregor
May 11 2009 02:19PM


Today Jason Gregor begins a new series where he takes a look around the league and discusses the goods. Personally we like it. - WG

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Paging Mr MacTavish

May 11 2009 11:50AM

Sometimes people in the spotlight talk too much. Take our good friend Souljaboy right here for example. We get it Souljaboy. You are hot right now. Hotter-than-Paris-Hilton-in-2007-hot. But do we really need to hear you tell us about how “you’ve got the munchies” about 1,389 times in a three minute video clip? No. On behalf of society and your actual fans, we do not.

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A Look Back At Development Camp Prospects

Jonathan Willis
May 11 2009 11:15AM

Jamie Bates

Last summer, on June 1st, the Oilers held a development camp for some of their prospects and a few undrafted college players. Guy Flaming did up a complete list of the attendees, while I focused on the five NCAA players who were undrafted free agents.

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