Ego, or why we use statistics and videos

Jonathan Willis
October 12 2008 06:00AM

I’ve been reading Roger’s World by Wayne Scanlan, a biography of legendary coach Roger Neilson. It’s been a little disappointing to date

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Cogs has his work cut out for him

Jason Gregor
October 11 2008 10:34PM

It’s almost impossible to predict how many goals a player will score in a season

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Financial talk and Madonna

October 10 2008 06:58AM

Unless you’ve been living deep underground in some sort of bunker complex for the past two weeks, you’re well aware that the world has been sucked into a financial crisis of almost unprecedented scale.

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Robin Brownlee
October 09 2008 11:32AM

"Get giddy. The next few years are going to be a lot of fun in Edmonton."

-- Terry Jones, Edmonton Sun

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The scoop from Jasper

Jason Gregor
October 08 2008 01:52PM

I am all for the Oilers practicing in Jasper, if it means I get a Jacuzzi in my room, complete with a bar, lounge area and a loft.

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