GDB 41: Sterility 101

January 11 2009 03:00PM

After watching a mind numbing Eagles and Giants game all morning we finally figured out something that has been bothering us about this mind numbingly mediocre season thus far,

It's way too sterile.

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The Ottawa Options

Jonathan Willis
January 11 2009 01:11PM

Ottawa-Edmonton rumours have been the norm this season, although they seem to have intensified the last little while, at least in the Ottawa papers.

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Gimme a break

Robin Brownlee
January 10 2009 04:31PM

If there's such thing as good news with how the Edmonton Oilers are staggering toward the halfway mark of their schedule like pie-eyed tourists toting a cupful of quarters at 2 a.m. in Las Vegas, it came this morning.

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GDB 40: Groundhog Day at RX1

Jason Gregor
January 09 2009 12:56PM

Let me apologize for the lameness of this post. Like Jason Arnott, “I just wasn’t into it tonight.”

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Happy Saint Basilissa Day, Nation

January 09 2009 09:44AM

Has it been a year already??

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