Robin Brownlee
November 08 2011 10:00PM

If you believe finding ways to win instead of ways to lose is a sign of progress along the learning curve as opposed to a run of good luck or happenstance, the Edmonton Oilers are moving along rather nicely, thanks very much.

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Robin Brownlee
November 08 2011 11:35AM

Those of us involved in this write-for-a-living scam for any length of time get the opportunity to meet some big deal people along the way as part of the job. Once in awhile, it's somebody you admire.

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Jason Gregor
November 08 2011 10:56AM

He's only played 22:51 minutes so far this year, but after missing 11 straight games Ales Hemsky returns to the lineup, and for the 2nd straight season he'll comeback in Montreal. He missed three games before returning to the lineup on December 1, 2010 and quickly tallied a goals and two assists in over 18 minutes of icetime. The Nation was excited to have him back, but after that three-point night Hemsky sat out the next ten games.

There are two things we know about Hemsky.

1. He's a world class player. He is one of the most exciting players in the game and is a difference maker when he plays.

2. He's become injury prone. In his first four post-lockout seasons he missed 37 games, but in the past two season and start of this year he's missed 106 games.

Hemsky and the Oilers are hoping his string of bad luck is over.

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NHLNumbers Podcast: Episode I

NHLnumbers Podcast
November 07 2011 08:54PM



Welcome to the inaugural edition of the NHLNumbers podcast. As the Nations crack tech team gear up to relaunch our salary/stats site, Jonathan Willis and I decided to get together to talk "new" stats at length and to record some of those conversations. In a radio studio. With guests. Today we debut the first of perhaps many such conversations.

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Jason Gregor
November 07 2011 01:05PM

After a brisk practice in Phoenix yesterday, the Oilers flew to Montreal for their third stop on this six-game road trip. Even though the Habs are currently in 12th spot, tomorrow night's tilt will be tough according to the Nation's newest contributor. 

That's right, the Nation has added a new writer. Wanye spent so much time negotiating with him that he was too tired to write an introduction piece so I have to do it.

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