April 16 2010 12:26PM

Yes, the playoffs have already begun and the internet is awash of teams looking "to avoid being down 2-0 in their series." Yes, the best time to have launched a playoff draft would have been on Tuesday. But in true OilersNation "always a step behind but trying reeeeeeally reaally hard" fashion we present our OilersNation playoff draft sponsored by The Pint. So consider the fact that there has already been a game played our present to you.

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Most Injury Prone Starters In The NHL, Redux

Jonathan Willis
April 16 2010 09:57AM

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

I did this article last summer when people were wondering how durable new signing Nikolai Khabibulin was relative to the average starting goaltender. In yesterday’s piece, I was told that Khabibulin shouldn’t be considered injury-prone, since he’s only had one major injury in the last five years. I disagree, and I have proof.

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Tambellini On Khabibulin

Jonathan Willis
April 15 2010 06:33PM

Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche

After this past season, the Oilers have plenty of reasons to be less than thrilled with last summer’s acquisition of Nikolai Khabibulin.

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Around The League: Week 28

Jason Gregor
April 15 2010 02:34PM

The first three days of the off-season for those not preparing for the playoffs have been filled with decisions and comments that range from entertaining, surprising and expected to disappointing.

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Making it up: one year later

Robin Brownlee
April 15 2010 04:52AM


-- Steve Tambellini, April 14, 2010

"It's been no secret that Sheldon wants out of Edmonton.

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