Olympic Chit Chat Day 1 Recap

February 13 2010 12:50PM


Per the demands of such luminaries as Archaeologuy and RossCreek "(Make) and a daily general Olympic blog ... then those who don't really care don't have to read through a bunch of comments they otherwise wouldn't." Your wish is our command: here is your very first OCC article for these here Olympiads.

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Jean Lefebvre
February 13 2010 10:05AM

Here's a wisecrack from a disgruntled fan Friday night:

Q: What does the Calgary hockey club have in common with the botched cauldron-lighting ceremony in Vancouver?

A: It's five Flames standing around not knowing what to do.

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February 12 2010 02:42PM

We will lead off by saying that we get excited about the Olympics. A 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber autograph signing type excited. So you will have to take us with a grain of salt once the games kick get underway as we post 12,789 gushing comments like “Aren’t the Canadian Mens’ two man bobsled team the BOMB? Can you believe that Lyndon Rush won’t sled with Pierre Lueders anymore? What’s up with that?

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Oilers vs. Kings Postgame: Road Losing Streak Over

Jonathan Willis
February 12 2010 07:36AM


Edmonton Oilers: 3

Los Angeles Kings: 2 (SO)

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February 11 2010 03:24PM

Ah the LA Kings. We consistently look at your roster and laugh heartily at how crappy it seems on paper. Year after year, we consider you among the bottom feeders of the Western Conference unable to pose a threat to anyone but yourselves. Mind you, we also consider the Oil firmly in the 7th to 9th position year on year. History will show that we couldn’t have been more wrong this season on both counts. You stupid Jerks. We hate you LA. You have no business being this good.

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