Jason Gregor
January 18 2012 10:43AM

For most of us IT is the hardest thing to find in life. We strive for IT, sometimes we have IT, but only briefly, and then we spend countless hours searching for IT again. A few lucky ones find IT and maintain it for years, and just like in pro sports those who have IT are minority.

Can he ever find IT?

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Signing Andy Sutton

January 17 2012 06:41PM

Ladislav Smid is one of the more valuable players on Edmonton's blue line these days. It's interesting to see how much coach Renney relies on him and the situations Smid gets the most work. It's also interesting to see how much Andy Sutton plays during a game.

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Jason Gregor
January 17 2012 01:29PM

It is minus 112 outside, or make that minus 123 with the wind chill, cars are breaking down faster than the Oilers roster, yet tonight Oiler fans can't lose. The Oilers are currently in 27th place, tied with the Islanders and Lightning with 38 points, and they sit nine points up on the 30th place Blue Jackets.

If the Oilers win tonight, fans can celebrate a win, which hasn't happened much in the past two months, lose and Oilers fans are one step closer to a lottery pick, and the possibility of picking first for the 3rd consecutive season.

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Midseason Awards, Part I: The Hart and The Vezina

Jonathan Willis
January 17 2012 10:11AM

As the NHL moves past the midway mark of the season, it’s time to look back at which players deserve hardware, based on their performance over the first half. To answer that question, we polled writers from across the Nation Network, talking to writers at every site.

This morning, we unveil the first of our midseason awards: our picks for the winners of the Hart and Vezina Trophies.

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Robin Brownlee
January 16 2012 10:00PM

All the suggestions around here that Tom Renney isn't the right coach for the Edmonton Oilers and that GM Steve Tambellini has bungled the rebuild and should be out the door ass-first sooner than later is great for debate.

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