The Stupidest Bit of Conventional Wisdom Still in Hockey

Jonathan Willis
May 07 2012 09:34AM

Despite the fact that we’re no longer living in the 1950’s, there are still commentators out there devoted to certain maxims of that bygone area. It leads to stupidity in the various mediums where hockey is covered.

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Nation Radio - May 5, 2012

May 06 2012 12:52PM

With winter finally loosing it's icy grip in Canda (well, except in Calgary apparently) and all the great white north teams out of the playoffs, thoughts are unviersally turning to the upcoming draft and free agency. Those topics plus the WHL playoffs and World Hockey Championships are explored today with Corey Graham, Scott Cullen, Jim Byers and others.

This is Nation Radio.

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May 06 2012 08:36AM

The finished product of this Edmonton Oiler rebuild should last a decade and receive all kinds of awards. Sooner or later, you need to edit the movie and have the premiere.

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May 05 2012 07:36AM

As much as we love Jordan Eberle and as patriotic as we are about Canada, Oiler fans would prefer the young man not follow in the footsteps of Captain Canada.

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Jason Gregor
May 04 2012 11:05AM

History tells us that a centre, D-man or goalie can have a bigger impact on winning than a winger. It's not to say you don't need solid wingers to win, but a dominant centre will usually have more of an impact than a dominant winger.

Last night I chatted with a scout who's been around the NHL for over 20 years and asked him about the centre/winger debate and if the Oilers should/could take Nail Yakupov's teammate Alex Galchenyuk instead.

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