Robin Brownlee
June 19 2011 07:45PM

Lively debate is the lifeblood of websites like this one, so it's a good thing that, as the time-tested and clearly crude saying goes, "Opinions are like *ssholes. Everybody has one."

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Steve Tambellini: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

June 19 2011 08:46AM

To listen to some people tell it, Steve Tambellini hasn't done one damn thing to help the Edmonton Oilers. Not so.

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Could The Oilers Pursue A Restricted Free Agent?

Jonathan Willis
June 18 2011 05:29PM

Signing a restricted free agent is always a contentious issue in the NHL. While unrestricted free agents pass from team to team with regularity, the younger players with RFA contracts are rarely poached, and when they are the deals are almost always matched (no matter how outlandish, as Buffalo proved by retaining Thomas Vanek despite a gross overpay by Kevin Lowe that would have forked over an insanely large wad of cash to Vanek and four first round picks to the Sabres). Even when the deals aren’t matched, as the Oilers’ offer sheet to Dustin Penner wasn’t (thanks to Anaheim’s salary cap bind), the acrimony between executives can be long-lasting.

The upshot of all this is that RFA offers have become a rather rare, despite the fact that they are a legitimate option under the current collective bargaining agreement. Should the Oilers, as they have in the past, look to buck the trend this summer and add a restricted free agent?

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Bunz Master

June 18 2011 09:03AM

Stu (Magnificent Bastard) MacGregor may have done it again.

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Up And Down At The Draft

Jonathan Willis
June 17 2011 11:33PM

If the Edmonton Oilers opt to trade down from first overall, what kind of return might they get? If they want to trade up from 19th overall into the top eight, what might it cost them?

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