December 26 2010 11:29AM

Behold the Canadian Male. Full swing into the Christmas Season of Hibernation he shan't leave his couch for days. The big morning is now behind him and there ain't not nuthin' to do until the New Year but watch WJC, eat wings and - oh what's this?

The Oilers play the Canucks tonight.

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WJ's Opening Day-- the 2011 Eligibles

December 26 2010 08:50AM

This is Sean Couturier. The big (6.03, 192 and barely 18) power winger enters this year's Wolrld Junior Championships as the number one overall prospect for the 2011 draft. Although Oiler fans concede the Islanders and Devils are too dreadful to catch, Couturier isn't the only name they can watch Boxing week with an eye to the 2011 draft.

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Steve Tambellini & The Quest For Grit

Jonathan Willis
December 24 2010 03:47PM

One of the over-arching themes of Steve Tambellini’s time as General Manager of the Edmonton Oilers has been the ongoing quest to make the team stronger, grittier, and more emotional. Few skillsets have been targeted with the same zeal and commitment with which the Tambellini Oilers have pursued players who fit those descriptors.

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Size Has No Impact On Faceoff Percentage: 2009-10 Data

Jonathan Willis
December 24 2010 10:36AM


A question that has come up a few times is whether big players tend to have an advantage when taking faceoffs. There is a certain logic to the idea that they do: after all, bigger, stronger players should be able to outmuscle their smaller counterparts in the faceoff circle.

The data, however, suggests something else entirely: that there is no advantage to being big when it comes to taking face-offs.

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Oil Futures: Plenty on Display at WJ's

December 24 2010 09:45AM

It's safe to say that the Edmonton Oilers have already had a major impact on the World Juniors this Christmas. Taylor Hall and Magnus Pääjärvi  are not scheduled to appear (their tour is on the left coast), but the future of the Oilers will be on display in Buffalo.

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