One-Goal Games

Jonathan Willis
December 02 2011 02:54PM

Are teams that win a lot of one-goal games lucky, or do they have a special ability to win when the chips are down – that characteristic known as “clutch” or “killer instinct?”

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Jason Gregor
December 02 2011 12:57PM

For some players a 0.57 PPG (points per game) average would be great, but not for Ales Hemsky. In his previous six seasons Hemsky has been a 0.91 PPG player. He's electrified Oiler fans with his exceptional offensive skills and his fearless attitude for the past six seasons, but those two qualities have been pretty much invisible so far this year.


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Robin Brownlee
December 02 2011 10:16AM

There was a time when Ales Hemsky was healthy and easily the most dynamic offensive player on the roster of the Edmonton Oilers. Today, with unrestricted free agency looming next summer, he is neither.

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Samwise The Hurdler

December 01 2011 05:10PM

There was a time when Sam Gagner was the great hope for the Edmonton Oilers. A high draft pick who could post 40+ points and had his future in front of him, Gagner's slick passes and razzle dazzle made him a crowd favorite. In Edmonton these days, it doesn't take long to become yesterday's papers. For most Oiler fans, Gagner is strictly under the fold and probably somewhere near the classifieds. How then does Tom Renney feel about him?

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Why Would Anyone Trust Bob Murray?

Jonathan Willis
December 01 2011 03:57PM

The response to Anaheim’s firing of Randy Carlyle has been barely contained glee in many quarters. Over at SBNation’s blog Anaheim Calling, the news was inititally celebrated with an ALL CAPS POST. Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski called the decision to swap Carlyle for Bruce Boudreau (fired on Monday by the Washington Capitals) a “genius move.” Helene Elliott opined that the Ducks had tuned Carlyle out.

However good the reasons may have been for firing Randy Carlyle, the decision does not reflect well on Ducks general manager Bob Murray. How so? I’ll explain.

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