NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 4

NHLnumbers Podcast
December 08 2011 10:03AM



The first three episodes of the NHLNumbers podcast focused mostly on definitions and theory in general. In episode four, we move on to applying what we've talked about to particular teams/players/news in the league. This week, we decided to focus on the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers - a couple of clubs with a lot to talk about and great writers to talk with. Neil Greenberg of the Washington Post and ESPN as well as Geoff Detweiler of Broadstreet Hockey stop by to share their insights.  

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Jason Gregor
December 07 2011 12:42PM

Hurricane: A severe, often destructive storm that can last a day or up to two weeks.

Caroline Hurricanes: A severe, often defensive nightmare that has lasted almost two years.

The Hurricanes have lost six straight and sit 29th in the NHL. They've given up the most goals, 101, and  the most shots, 917, in the league and they are 0-4 under new coach Kirk Muller. The Canes surrendered the most shots last year as well, over 33/game, so Muller has his work cut out for him.

Don't expect the Oilers to feel sorry for them, in fact you likely should expect an offensive outburst tonight.

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December 06 2011 09:07PM

This is Joe Murphy. A November 1989 trade that brought him to Edmonton was a key element in the Oilers run to their 1990 Stanley. Murphy developed great chemistry with Adam Graves and they formed the heart of the "Kid Line" that spring.

Sometimes a slight adjustment is all it takes.

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Robin Brownlee
December 06 2011 08:31PM

Ryan Smyth is about to claim his place among the greatest players ever to wear the silks of the Edmonton Oilers, which is saying something, and you might see it unfold at Rexall Place as early as Wednesday or Friday.

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Jason Gregor
December 06 2011 03:26PM

You know Eric Belanger is struggling when even google images doesn't have a picture of him in an Oiler jersey, instead you get tasty treats like this one of his some model named Eric Belanger. I'm sure once Belanger scores a goal in an Oiler jersey google will have a picture of him, it just won't be on page two.

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