April 11 2010 03:40PM

We had to laugh yesterday when bingofuel accidentally declared Game 81 to be Game 82 in the GDB. Commenters were quick to point out the error and The Fuellian One was quick to text us "is there REALLY another game this weekend? Next year we are SO NOT writing the GDB titles in Roman Numerals. I don't care what else changes with the team next year Wanye, but no more Roman numerals will mark the start of the Hall/Sequin Era as far as I am concerned."

But here it really is Nation. Game 82 of what we consider to be the worst season the Oilers have had since they joined the NHL from the new defunct WHA waaaaaay back in 1979.

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Oilers vs. Kings Highlights

Jonathan Willis
April 10 2010 11:06PM

Edmonton Oilers: 4 (SO)

Los Angeles Kings: 3

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UPDATED! GDB LXXXI: The real, Final Countdown

April 10 2010 12:23PM

Well, Nation fans, this is it. The second-last game to cap off on another year. A year that failed to meet expectations, for sure. But hope lies on the horizon. And it's not just because Europe is performing a live version of the Final Countdown as you view this post, either.

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Robin Brownlee
April 09 2010 06:17PM

Sam Gagner won't celebrate his 21st birthday until Aug. 10, but he has three NHL seasons on his resume and was talking the other day about playing a role in helping welcome young players into the pro ranks with the Edmonton Oilers next season.

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April 08 2010 05:20PM

We are in Calgary for the week and other than an overwhelming desire to try and date our own cousin, we are proud to report that the City has had little to no effect at all on us. Though it made us feel sick to our very stomach, we agreed to meet FlamesNation writer and Fan 940 correspondent at Flames Central for a beer last night and discuss the demise of the Flames.

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