GDB XVII: Lazy Sunday

November 08 2009 04:52PM

You guessed it, Nationeers. It's lazy Sunday. That means today, I'm not even thinking about hockey. But who can blame me? The last seven games have been a difficult pill to swallow — with a record of 4-6-0 in the last ten— and although many people warned me, including several Nation writers, I still wasn't prepared for the thoroughly average to below-average play displayed by this team so far this season.

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Patrick Kane and What He Tells Us About Sam Gagner

Jonathan Willis
November 07 2009 12:18PM

Over the past few years, Patrick Kane has been one of the league’s most-touted young stars. Not in the same vein as a Crosby or Ovechkin, but still he has been generally recognized as a superstar in the making. Still, it might surprise many to know that Sam Gagner (also recognized as a good prospect, but not at a similar level) hasn’t been far behind him in one key area: even-strength scoring.

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Weekend hockey poetry

Jason Gregor
November 07 2009 12:07PM

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Hit the road, Jack

Robin Brownlee
November 06 2009 09:29PM

No names, but a reporter asked Ethan Moreau after practice at Clareview Arena today if it might be a good thing that the Edmonton Oilers are heading out on the road for a five-game trip.

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NationDraft Update: Big Gains and Heartbreak

The Towel Boy
November 06 2009 01:30PM

Well well well, what a week we've had in the Team 1260 NationDraft! We've seen some teams come out of nowhere to grab Top 10 spots. We've also seen a few teams slip in the standings.

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